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Research Software - Quality Assured and Re-usable
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
The primary goal of the funding is to increase the usability of existing research software as far as possible. By contrast, the predominantly new development of research software or its purely functional further development cannot be assigned high priority in the context of this call for proposals.
This interdisciplinary call for proposals pursues three sub-goals which together seek to raise the maturity level of research software so that it can also be used by researchers other than those developing it, and to simplify its further development. All sub-goals are to be addressed, but not necessarily in equal proportions.
- Usability and impact:
Create framework conditions so that research software developed for a specific task or research project is made available in such a way that it can also be used for other - similar - projects with specific adaptations.
- Quality assurance:
Document the steps of research software development in a way that enables verifiable reproduction of the development of the research software as well as retracing of the working methods and results.
- Further development:
Create structures and incentives that promote further development of the software by the community as well as by the involved research software engineers, thereby enabling the development of the software to be recognised as an achievement in the academic context.
Work programme: Please describe the current state of development of the existing research software and explain what progress is planned for quality assurance and improved re-use.
Requirements for proposal submission:
The usual rules apply, as well as the general rules on eligibility to submit proposals under the Research Grants Programme.
The following requirements for describing the development status (see work programme) of a research software are to be fulfilled at the time of proposal submission:
- Evidence of the relevance of a research software in the relevant research discipline, e. g. based on citation in academic publications by the primary developers
- Awareness of the research software in the relevant academic community, e. g. based on mention in an academic publication by others than the primary developers or presentations of the software, e. g. at conferences or workshops
- Description of possible dependencies of the research software on other software with regard to aspects such as functionality, IT security, usability, licensing
- Environment analysis of the re-usability of existing tools has been carried out in order to demonstrate the relevance of a research software compared to other offers
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