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German-Jordanian Scientific Collaboration in the Field of Water Nexus
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Call for the Initiation of International Collaboration between researchers at German Universities of Applied Sciences and researchers in Jordan
With this call, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) supports the initiation of international research collaboration between scientists from Jordan and researchers at Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany in the field of water research and connected areas such as food and energy as well as socio-economic aspects.

The initiative particularly focuses on research questions addressing the interconnectivity between water research and the related energy and food sectors. The initiative is also open for the integration of further aspects such as environmental health, societal aspects and information technology into the context of water nexus research.

Aim of the Initiative
The aim of the initiative is for participating researchers to identify joint research interests in the area of the water nexus research and initiate new collaborative ventures.

Structure of the Initiative
The initiative comprises two parts:
(1) The opportunity to submit DFG proposals to support the initiation of international collaborations,
(2) a Status Workshop in Bonn/Germany to convene all researchers funded under this call.

(1) Call for the Initiation of International Collaboration
The Call for the Initiation of International Collaboration serves to establish and facilitate bilateral or multilateral collaborative relationships between researchers from Jordan and Germany. For this purpose, three different modules are available: Trips abroad (max. three months) Guest visits in Germany (max. three months) Exploratory Workshops

The funding remains available for a maximum of 12 months after the approval date, and the individual collaborative measures must be carried out within this time frame.

(2) Status Workshop
A Status Workshop will be organised centrally by the DFG to stimulate scientific interaction among funded project teams and to derive lessons learnt for facilitating German-Jordanian scientific cooperation. In-person participation in the workshop will be limited to applicants from Germany and their project partners from Jordan who receive funding under this call.

Guest visits of the Jordanian cooperation partners should therefore be applied for and planned in such a way that they will be in Germany when the Status Workshop takes place (about 6 months after applicants receive their decision letters). Information about the exact date of the Status Workshop will be shared in due time. Transportation to the Status Workshop within Germany shall not be applied for in the proposal, neither for the cooperation partners nor for the applicants. These costs, as well as accommodation, will be covered by the DFG separately.

Qualified researchers from Jordan and Germany are invited to take part in the initiative (as a rule they should hold a doctorate and have a track record in their respective research field). Applicants from German research institutions are required to fulfil the DFG eligibility requirements.
All proposals must include at least one applicant from Germany and one cooperation partner from Jordan. However, proposals can only be submitted by eligible researchers who work in the German scientific system. Scientists from Jordan act as cooperation partners and can also receive funding.

On 30 March 2023 (1:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m.) the DFG invites to a virtual Q&A session, with the purpose of answering questions of potential applicants concerning this call such as the modalities and application process, as well as the programme itself. To participate please register under the link below.

Detailed information about the call and DFG collaboration with Jordan, can be obtained at the DFG Head Office, Bonn:
Ute Stotz, phone +49 228 885 2429, ute.stotz@dfg.de
For questions concerning DFG funding of projects in the field of water nexus:
Dr. Daniel Weymann, phone +49 228 885 2760, daniel.weymann@dfg.de
Further information: