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Receptor signalling crosstalk as target for endocrine disruption in embryonic cells. Austauschprogramm mit Italien
The plasticiser DEHP and the dioxin TCDD are well-known environmental endocrine disruptors (ED). Consequences for male fertility are better studied than for females. The aim of the proposed cooperative study is to study the effects of DEHP and PCBs on pivotal endocrine and metabolic pathways in embryonic cells. We will study the crosstalk between PPARs, ERs, AhR and GR/MR (Halle) or GHR (Milan) pathways, which play an indispensable role in ovarian physiology and early embryogenesis. While methods like in vitro culture of rabbit embryos and mouse embryonic stem cells are established in Halle, culture of mouse cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) and blastocysts are not and will be learned by two PhD students in Milan. These methods are necessary to study the effects of DEHP on signalling pathways in blastocysts and TCDD effects on the granulosa cell-oocyte crosstalk which is essential for oocyte maturation. These methods are well established in the laboratoy of Dr. Paola Pocar. The focus will be on GR/MR signalling (gene expression analysis) and apoptosis (TUNEL assay; also well-established in Milan). The new scientific and methodological knowledge will improve the career chances of young researchers, add complementary information to an ongoing EU-funded network on ED action in female reproduction and enhance the scientific outcome of the partner laboratories


COC, Endokrine Disruptoren, Nahrungsmittelkontaminanten, embryonalen Frühentwicklung

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