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Peridynamic analysis of thin-walled structures in the inelastic range
M.Sc. Alvina Oksanchenko
Land (Sachsen-Anhalt) ;
Peridynamics (PD) is a nonlocal theory without notion of differential line elements, the deformation
gradient, its higher gradients or gradients of internal state variables. Unlike the classical
continuum mechanics, where only local contact forces are considered, long-range internal forces of interaction between material points are introduced. As a result, the balance equations do not include
partial derivatives with respect to spatial coordinates. Therefore peridynamics is found to
be attractive for modeling highly heterogeneous deformation processes such as fracture. Many
recent numerical studies show the ability of the peridynamic theory to capture complex fracture
processes and instabilities, such as crack initiation, crack branching, crack kinking,
propagation of frictional cracks, crack interaction with initial heterogeneities, such as holes
and pores etc.
The aim of this PhD project is to develop novel peridynamic (PD) theories for rods, beams and thin platesto capture inelastic responses, in particular, damage and fracture phenomena. A novel
PD damage constitutive modelling framework to describe both damage initiation, damage growth
and crack propagation in a unified manner should be developed and utilized. Based on previous
research in the working group of Eingineering Mechanics, the available experimental data will be applied to calibrate the model. For the validation, bending tests will be simulated, and results will be
compared with experimental data. The following research questions will be addressed in the
work packages
• How to model thin-walled structural components with PD efficiently?
• How to consider crack initiation, crack growth and formation of crack patterns in a unified
PD damage model?
• How to incorporate the PD damage models into the theories of rods, beams and plates?
• How to calibrate non-local PD models from test data?
• How to model localized deformation and fracture phenomena in thin-walled structures within
the PD framework?

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