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Countermeasure suggestions concerning special phenomena of turbochargers
Dr.-Ing. Christian Daniel
Countermeasure suggestions concerning special phenomena of turbochargers
spectrogram with minimized subharmonic vibrations
In the earlier project the influence of different parameter upon harmonic vibrations of a turbocharger rotor has already been analysed. As a result the unbalance distribution and the non-linear characteristics (mainly damping) of the bearings could be identified as significant factors.
The aim of the current project is a further detailed investigation of the system behaviour. For that task a model upgrade concerning eigenfrequencies of the rotor as well as an improved bearing and thermal model are necessary. In addition the simulations have to be compared with measurements. Finally suggestion of countermeasures shall be stated to reduce vibration amplitudes taking into account the current balancing process and the non-linearities of the bearings.


non-linear, turbo-charger, unbalance

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