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Funding Opportunities for Joint German-Mexican Research Projects (UNAM-DFG)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
This initiative aims to bring together relevant and competitive researchers from Germany and UNAM to design and carry out jointly organised research projects of outstanding scientific quality. Funding within this initiative will be available for collaborative research projects consisting of researchers from Germany and from UNAM. Within these research teams, each national funding organisation will generally only fund those project components that are carried out within its own country (DFG in Germany and UNAM in Mexico). The collaborative research projects must involve active communication and cooperation between the participating researchers.
There are no separate funds available for these efforts; proposals must succeed on the strengths of their intellectual merit and teams in competition with all other proposals in the funding programme Sachbeihilfe/Research Grants .
The collaborative projects selected to take part in the initiative will receive research funding for a period of up to three years.
Research areas:
The present initiative is open to joint research projects in all fields of research, social sciences and humanities.
Funding is available for bilateral collaborative research projects comprising researchers from Germany and UNAM in Mexico. Within a research project, contributions from Germany and UNAM should be balanced with regard to the scientific contents. Applicants are required to fulfil any national requirements for funding and follow the general regulations of their respective funding organisation (see below). Proposals that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.
Evaluation procedure and criteria for project selection:
The assessment of all proposals will be based on a peer review process at both the DFG and UNAM. The results of these review processes will be shared between the DFG and UNAM. Support will be granted for those proposals where both DFG and UNAM recommend funding. Unilateral funding of only one part of a joint initiative will not be possible.
The usual review criteria for proposals submitted to the DFG apply (DFG form 10.206). UNAM applies their usual criteria for their reviews.
Allowable costs:
All requested cost items must be in accordance with the respective national administrative regulations. At the DFG, only costs for the German share of the projects are eligible. At UNAM, only costs of the Mexican share of the projects are eligible according to the regulations of UNAM.
Submission of project proposals:
Applicants for a bilateral collaborative project within this call must submit their joint proposal to their national funding organisation. Mexican principal investigators (PI) of UNAM submit their documents to UNAM, German PIs to the DFG, following the formal requirements of their respective funding organisation. All documents must be written in English. Please note that the documents submitted to the DFG and UNAM must not differ with regard to the scientific content of the proposal and with regard to the applicants involved.
Additional requirements for German and Mexican applicants are specified below. Proposals arriving late and/or are not fulfilling the national requirements will not be considered. No legal entitlement can be derived from the submission of a project description.
All proposals must be submitted by 3 February 2023.
Further Information: