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SFB TR 31 TP A8: The active auditory system. A8 Neural correlates of audiovisual temporal integration
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
This project investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the perception of audiovisual synchrony. Behavioural and psychophysical measures are combined with both high temporal resolution (Magnetoencephalography) and high spatial resolution (functional magnetic resonance) brain imaging techniques. First we attempt to identify the temporal neural dynamics and neuroanatomical substrates of the cognitive processes underlying audiovisual integration. Second, we will investigate the functional properties of these areas, determining those which compute audiovisual synchrony automatically, and those which can be modulated by adaptation. Third, we attempt to determine how the manipulation of simple stimulus parameters (e.g. brightness) modifies the neural processes underlying audiovisual integration. For example, since brightness changes alter the arrival times of visual information in the isocortex, brightness manipulations may reveal how the brain integrates information across the senses despite changing cortical arrival times. Together, the results of this project will significantly broaden our understanding of the cognitive and neural mechanisms of multisensory temporal integration.


Perception, audivisual synchrony

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