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RGB-Net: A Collaborative European Network on Rabbit Genome Biology-Teilprojekt
EU - FP7;
The European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is a key species in experimental biology. Basic discoveries in embryology, for example, have been made in this mammal. Its genome has recently been sequenced. The rabbit is a livestock, an animal model, a wild resource, a pest and a fancy animal and comprises a large number of breeding stocks/lines. This COST action will bring together experts in all rabbit research areas and in other complementary research fields (breeders, geneticists, bioinformaticians, physiologists, evolutionists, embryologists, immunologists, industry experts, etc.) in order to facilitate the transition of rabbit genomic information from experimental data into usable benefits and applications by means of networking expertise. Four Working Groups will be focused on i) the refinement of the European rabbit genome resource and the development of genome-based platforms, ii) genetic aspects in meat, fur and pet rabbits and biodiversity resources, iii) the rabbit as a model in basic biology and human diseases and as a tool for biotechnology applications and iv) genetic and comparative genomic aspects for the study, exploitation and management of wild lagomorphs. The outcome is a coordination of rabbit research activities and a transfer of knowledge which will produce a strong European added value across a broad spectrum of biology research fields.


Kaninchen, Kaninchen als Modell für humane Stoffwechselerkrankungen, Kaninchen als embryologisches, Kaninchengenom, Kaninchenreproduktion, toxikologischen Modell

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