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Placement of self-expanding implants after tumor therapy
Dr.-Ing. Axel Boese, Ali Pashazadeh
Placement of self-expanding implants after tumor therapy
Breast Implant - from patent application
The aim of this joint research project is to develop medical devices such as catheters for a minimally invasive placement of biodegradable scaffolds for breast reconstruction surgery.  Such breast surgeries are usually required after the removal of tumor tissue. Compared to the standard silicone breast implants, the geometry of the scaffolds can be adopted to the individual anatomy and requirements of the patient. Scaffolds have a porous architecture which reduces the risk of capsular contracture. Additionally, there is no risk of siloxane or platinum leaking into the surrounding tissue. Scaffolds make it easier to perform follow-up mammography. However, due to the mechanical and functional construction and design of the scaffolds, a straightforward placement using catheters or similar devices is not possible. Hence, one of the project aims is to develop tools which are dedicated to accommodate and release the scaffolds within the desired target area.


3D printing, Breast Implant, Scaffold

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