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Image Quality Assessment in der zerstörungsfreien Werkstoffprüfung
Markus Weinreich, Dr.-Ing. Axel Boese
Material testers using high-energy electromagnetic radiation for radiographic examinations in non-destructive testing. They irradiate objects like pipes with welds to expose radiographic films to examine for example the thickness of the pipes, the appearance of rust or cracks in the material. These exposured films have to meet certain standards like optical density and resolution, that are, inter alia, depending on the exposure time. Usually a material tester uses tables to get aproxximate times for different setups (materials, X-ray or gamma sources).
With the help of CMOS image sensors, we are creating an embedded system to measure and capture the dose of radiation of an X-ray or gamma source behind the objects to be examined, in order to specify the exposure times of the radiographic films.

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