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image quality analysis on patient images
Medical imaging quality description is today either based on investigating with objective physical mathematical methods images of certain test objects or on subjective reader evaluations. The objective methods can be either based on methods applicable in the Fourier domain or those in the spatial domain. While analytics in the Fourier domain are often quite easy they are often difficult to interpret in terms of provided diagnostic performance. Image quality analysis in the spatial domain is on the other hand typically limited to very specific tasks and complicated to perform. Human reader studies very often result in very different results and are very time consuming. We want to develop a way to characterise patient images based on physical methods to describe image quality so that fast objective measurements correspond to human reader studies. That would allow qulaity assurance on real patient images in the future.


In Kooperation mit klinischen Partnern - in Vorbereitung auf EU Projekt, Kooperation mit COIMBRA Health School


image quality descriptors, patient images, quality assurance

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