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FOODEXTHAI - Development of a Food Supply Chain System for Thailand's Agricultural Product Exporting to Germany
Agricultural products are the main goods of Thailand. Processes along the supply chain of agricultural products starts with harvesting and collecting them from farms, and subsequently transporting them to markets. From markets, the products are distributed to domestic as well as oversea destinations. Logistics activities in the supply chain include various kinds of processes, as for example the preservation after post-harvest, storage and cold storage, packing and packaging and transportation.
The critical value defined from consumers’ perspective is food quality and food safety, which can be affected from many points in the supply chain. Furthermore, there are still inefficiencies incurred in agricultural products supply chain exporting to overseas, due to lack of planning and collaboration among members in the supply chain. Thus, this research project aims to develop a food supply chain system for Thailand’s agricultural product exporting to Germany.

With 82 million people, Germany is the European Union's most populous country and the strongest economy in Europe. German consumers' willingness to buy remained strong during the crisis phase in 2008-2009 and ensured stable demand for consumer goods. German consumers appreciate very much foods imported from Thailand and other Asian countries. One key issue for Thai food exporters, who want to penetrate the German market, is to be seriously concerned about food safety and especially food quality.

The project is undertaken by a research team of PRINCE OF SONGKLA UNIVERSITY (PSU) named "Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management”, which has long experience in the study of supply chain agricultural products in southern Thailand and a research team of OTTO-VON-GUERICKE UNIVERSITY MAGDEBURG (OVGU), which has special knowledge in logistics planning and supply chain management.

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