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Finite element simulation of the deformation behaviour of shape memory alloy structures
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Shape memory alloys (SMA) can undergo phase transformation between a high-ordered austenite phase and a low-ordered martensite phase, as a result of changes in the temperature and the state of stress. Consequently, SMA exhibits several macroscopic phenomena not present in the traditional materials. Two significant phenomena are the shape memory effect (SME) and the pseudoelastic effect (PE). These unique features of SMA have found important fields of applications especially in medical technology. The increasing use in commercially valuable applications have motivated a vivid interest in the development of accurate constitutive models to describe the thermomechanical behaviour of SMA. In this project a thermomechanical 3D model for SMA, which includes the effect of pseudoelasticity as well as the shape memory effect will be extended with regard to fatigue behaviour and crack resistance.


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