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EURAMED rocc-n-roll: Erarbeitung einer europäischen Forschungsagenda für die medizinische Anwendung ionisierender Strahlung
Radiation protection in medical applications is well established throughout Europe, however still facing challenges like large differences in procedures between countries, but even within a country or even within a hospital. In addition, new promising approaches like new technologies as e.g. artificial intelligence or personalized medicine approaches need to be investigated regarding their potential for medical radiation protection. The European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research (EURAMED) platform has been found to promote such research in the EC research programme . Together with five other platforms research in the field of radiation protection is promoted basically in the EURATOM framework. Acknowledging the importance of medical applications as the largest man-made source of exposure and the great possibilities of applying ionizing radiation in medicine the EURATOM programme has launched a call for a coordination and support action to develop a strategic research agenda (SRA) on medical applications of ionizing radiation in general allowing to improve links to other programs like HEALTH or DIGITALIZATION.

A consortium called EURAMED rocc-n-roll has been put together to fulfil the task of developing such an SRA partially based on the existing EURAMED SRA on medical radiation protection. In addition it will also develop a roadmap describing how this research agenda can be implemented. An interlink document showing the potential distributions of the different European research programmes to such defined approaches will also be developed. All these documents need to be derived based on a broad consensus of all stakeholders especially also including the patients’ perspective. Therefore, EURAMED rocc-n-roll is based on a series of workshops and writing panels. The workshops will allow contributions by interested stakeholders in person or through members of the consortium.
OvGU is serving as the scientific coordinator of the project.

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