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The Emergency Medical Hologram
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EMH s long-term vision is on the one hand to dramatically reduce costs in the health system and on the other hand to improve personalized medicine for major and rare diseases by means of artificial intelligence. Our grand challenge is the development of an artificial intelligence that is able to automatically diagnose patient diseases based on individual reporting of symptoms as well as on non-invasive sensor data coupled to a statistical database and a deep learning framework. In order to improve patient acceptance, the human-computer interface between the patient and the artificial intelligence represented by an avatar will be based on holographic 3D technology coupled with speech recognition and speech synthesis. Thus, the patient will be able to naturally interact with the Emergency Medical Hologram AI. All this will be accomplished through the collaboration of a world-class, multidisciplinary team of experts. The EMH consortium members are experts in medicine, biology, biostatistics, machine learning, deep learning, speech recognition and synthesis, holographics, and cognitive sciences. In particular, it will lead to a high-risk paradigm shift from hospital admittance involving highly trained medical professionals with a significant expenditure of time for patient and medical personnel towards a time saving admittance procedure, including early diagnostics and allowing pre-selection of medical specialties for further care while providing a platform to reduce administrative work load for medical staff and costs in hospitals. Successful implementation will significantly affect resource allocation in medical settings, will drive human-AI interaction to a new level, and will provide Europe with a unique novel technology with enormous potential for medical but also a host of commercial and non-commercial spin-off applications.

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