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Attrition among University Female Students in Ethiopia: The case of Addis Ababa University
Enguday Ademe
In this dissertation, the major causes for the educational problems of university female students in Ethiopia particularly of those in Addis Ababa University, their learning approaches, as well as the views of AAU students and instructors towards single-sex group teaching and their suggestions as a solution for these educational problems will be investigated. The objective of this study is that if the causal information from the students and instructors are investigated, then it will be easier to direct efforts towards solving these problems so that the participation and graduation of university female students in Ethiopia will be maximized.


Organisationsforschung, Transformationsforschung: Mentalitätsforschung, Wissens- und Lernmanagement, Women and education, approaches to learning, curriculum, kulturelle Settings, learning, single-sex group teaching, teaching

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