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Priority Programme Autonomous Processes in Particle Technology Research and Testing of Concepts for Model-based Control of Particulate Processes (SPP 2364), Deadline Abstract: 24 September 2021
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Due to the distributed properties of particles, their processing often prevents extensive automation and autonomous process control, which stands for an autonomous adjustment of the product properties without external intervention. The goal of the Priority Programme is therefore the research and the testing of methods for an autonomous process control in particle technology. The focus is on the coupling of the material and data streams of the respective unit operations with measurement technology, modelling and control algorithms to form a closed loop for model-based control. After termination of the programme, a new type of box of scientific tools (methods, algorithms, models, data structures and information architectures) should be available, which will allow a reliable process control where the tool can also be transferred to new particle processes.

In detail, the thematic goals can be formulated as follows:
- Investigation of the process dynamics of individual process steps and of the interconnection of unit operations to form a process chain with material and energy recycles.
- Optimisation of different target functions with regard to the pursued property distribution and resource efficiency.
- Ensuring the stability of the process chain according to the influence of uncertainties, perturbations and constraints.

In addition, there are the methodological objectives:
- Coupling of material and data streams of the unit operation or within process chains of the process models, the measurement methods and the control technology to ensure an autonomous process.
- Extension of methods for in-situ measurement of particle or product properties by means of reconstruction of easily accessible measurement information.

To achieve these goals, models suitable for control, in-situ measurement techniques and powerful methods of process control are required. These are to be developed in close cooperation between scientists from the fields of particle technology, control / process system engineering, and computer science / mathematics.

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