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or biomarkers to study food intake, physical activity and health (STAMIFY) in the frame of ERA-NET INTIMIC
Bundeministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft
The Joint Programming Initiative "A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life" has been established to coordinate research in the areas of food, diet, physical activity and health in order to achieve tangible societal and health impact and to strengthen European leadership and competitiveness in this field. Under this umbrella, the HDHL-INTIMIC partners are now launching a 4th additional non-cofunded joint funding activity called "Standardised measurement, monitoring and/or biomarkers to study food intake, physical activity and health (STAMIFY)".

This new call intends to fund dedicated, scientifically excellent transnational research projects that develop improved methods and tools to assess and monitor diet and physical activity in order to provide better dietary and physical activity recommendations and guidelines.

The proposals should address at least one of the following topics:
1. The development of improved methods for dietary assessment using new technologies, this can for example include ICT tools, unobtrusive data, food purchases, etc.;
2. The further development of existing/identified biomarkers for food intake (e.g. combination of existing biomarkers to assess eating patterns and/or diet composition; validation of identified biomarkers taking into account influencing factors like gender, genotype or other individual variations);
3. Identification of biomarkers of physical activities (also sedentary and sleep behavior) including the first step(s) of validation;
4. Approaches to improve scientific application of commercially available devices for objective assessment of physical activity (also sedentary and sleep behavior) as well as develop approaches to process, aggregate and analyse such data in diverse populations;
5. The development of integrative tools to assess and monitor both dietary intake and physical activity.

In general, joint research proposals may be submitted by applicants working in universities or other higher education institutions, non-university public or private research institutions, hospitals and other health care settings, commercial companies (in particular small and medium-size enterprises) or other types of stakeholder organisations.

Only transnational projects will be funded: each consortium must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of six partners eligible for funding by the participating funding organisations from at least three different countries. No more than two eligible partners from the same country will be accepted in one consortium. In addition, a maximum of two collaborators may participate in the projects if they clearly demonstrate an added value to the consortium and are able to secure their own funding.

For questions regarding the call:
Dr. Nikki De Clercq &
+32 9 272 30 62
Dr. Laura Peeters
+32 9 272 30 26
Brusselsesteenweg 370
9090 Melle
E-mail: jpihdhl.calls@ilvo.vlaanderen.be

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