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Self-Similarity in Production Systems "X-PS"-Footprints and Company Standards
Dr.-Ing. Ulf Bergmann
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
Company specific Production Systems-X-PS have proven to be powerful frameworks restoring or supporting leading positions. On the key fields of X-PS is the setting and decomposition approaches facilitate preparation, definition, implementation and monitoring of production networks. The project's objective is to point out some instruments making use of these principles and supporting companies in Distributed Manufacturing. It develops a framework using aspect focus, layer decompositions and derived self similar patterns distinctly characterising any Production System Type. Undoubtedly the most famous example and the first approach of Production System pattern definition is the Toyota Production System TP. Even though TP is very "Japanese" and a number of principles prescribed appear rather exotic, they picked up the idea and established own Production System "standards" as part of entire company philosophies and conceptualisations to be implemented globally in every production facility. Meanwhile at least all car manufacturers are working according to own specific patterns. Layer aspects may be filled in to define company-related (self similar) patterns that may also be interpreted as a part of the general definition of a company's specific Production System "standard". Such standards signalise to the units as well as to the partners, e.g. the methods and indicators to be applied. These standards also state clearly, what the expectations are and how partners can increase their chances of eligibility and support. Many companies visibly highlight the importance of such standards by their full commitments, e.g. identification with their company (or brand) names, e.g. Toyota, Bosch, Audi, GKN.Often, all vital elements of these company standards are visualised by self explaining symbols as hierarchical trees or mind maps, being referred to as the companies' "footprints"- an excellent practical term for self similarity in this Dispersed manufacturing context.


production networks, production systems, x-ps

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