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Secure Data Outsourcing to Untrusted Clouds
MSc Muhammad Saqib Niaz
Cloud storage solutions are being offered by many big vendors like Google, Amazon & IBM etc. The need of Cloud Storage has been driven by the generation of Big Data in almost every corporation. The biggest hurdle in outsourcing data to Cloud Data vendors is the Security Concern of the data owners. These security concerns have become the stumbling block in large scale adoption of Third Party Cloud Databases. The focus of this PhD project is to give a comprehensive framework for the Security of Outsourced Data to Untrusted Clouds. This framework includes Encrypted Storage in Cloud Databases, Secure Data Access, Privacy of Data Access & Authenticity of Stored Data in the Cloud. This security framework will be based on Hadoop based open source projects.


Cloud Databases, HDFS, Hadoop, Security
Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake

Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake

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