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Rebirth "From Regenerative Biology to Reconstructive Therapy"
Since 10 years, the excellence-cluster REBIRTH develops new therapies from regenerative sciences and medicine with the goal to prevent degeneration and to enable regeneration. Research in REBIRTH targets genetic, acquired and degenerative diseases of the heart, lung, liver and blood, and now also aims to translate to other organ systems, including the brain. REBIRTH creates synergies by connecting biomedical science and biotechnology to clinical practice in order to address epidemiologically important chronic (degenerative) diseases, e.g. arteriosclerosis, heart failure, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, obstructive lung disease, haematopoetic senescence and neurodegeneration. Based on ten-years’ experience in physical exercise (PE) for primary or secondary disease prevention, REBIRTH aims to extend the focus on prevention to also investigate the pathogenesis behind the loss of regenerative capacity in different organ systems including the brain. With the new broadened scope and the inclusion of the DZNE site Magdeburg and the University Clinic Magdeburg, REBIRTH is now in a unique position to identify mechanisms of plasticity and regeneration that connect different organ systems to brain health.

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