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The influence of eye yoga on vascular regulation and neuroplasticity in vision loss
Luisa Fricke
Stiftungen - Sonstige;
In glaucoma which leads to neuro-visual damage of retina, optic nerve or brain, vision can be partially restored by rehabilitation, but underlying neurovascular plasticity mechanisms are unclear.
Because long-term mental stress is a main cause of glaucoma, we conducted a randomized, controlled trial to study if relaxation using eye-yoga exercises combined with breathing meditation can improve visual field and eye movement dysfunction and normalize the typical vascular dysregulation.

While regarding the visual field analysis no significant improvements were detected in controls, vision recovery was observed in eye-yoga patients (p=0.001).

An interim analysis suggests that relaxation induced by eye-yoga and meditation is helpful to recover visual field loss and neurovascular regulation. The final conclusion need to wait the RCT completion.

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