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EUROCAT study: Late terminations of pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormality (TOPFA) in Europe
Dr. med. Simone Pötzsch
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
Improved resolution of ultrasound scans and greater expertise of operators have led to increased detection rates of fetal structural anomalies at earlier gestations. This may contribute to early TOPFA. Scans performed later in pregnancy sometimes detect malformations for which parents may request TOPFA. It is not known whether changing patterns in prenatal diagnostic techniques have made an impact on the number of late TOPFAs (GA ≥ 24 weeks).


To describe differences between countries in TOPFA in Europe with particular focus on recorded late terminations (GA ≥ 24 weeks).

To compare the congenital anomaly subgroups contributing to late TOPFA compared to early TOPFA in Europe.

To report trend over time in TOPFA and late TOPFA since 1990.


fetal abnormality, termination of pregnancy

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