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Entwicklung eines innovativen Turbulenzgenerators
Christoph Roloff
Two types of turbulence generators are applied in practice: passive and active generators. Compared to the passive ones, the advantage of the active generators is the higher possible turbulence level and flexibility. However, the active generators are much more expensive than the passive ones. Therefore, our aim is to develop an innovative active generator that is much cheaper than the presently applied ones but obtaining the same or even higher turbulent intensity. It will be the appropriate instrument to convert main flows with low turbulence intensity into flows with suitably adjusted turbulent properties.
Widely used laser-based measurement techniques developed in the past decades (e.g. PIV, PTV, LDV, CTA) provide the opportunity to investigate such turbulence generators and perform pointwise or planar measurements at high sampling rate for the rapidly changing flow quantities.


Aktives Gitter, Luftstrahl, Turbulenzgenerator

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