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Development of a measuring method for monitoring velocity profiles in large cross-sectional areas
B. Wunderlich, G. Janiga, D. Thevenin
The objective of this research is to investigate the fine structure of the velocity and temperature fields around heated cylinders placed in a low Reynolds number flow. By analysing the mutual influence of flow and heating (cooling) on each other, we will obtain results that can help us describe the phenomena accompanying different applications, in order to easily measure a two-dimensional velocity field with an improved accuracy. The main novelty lies in the fact that we intend to describe electrical, heat transfer and flow phenomena together rather than separately. Various approaches are planned for the investigation: the combined use of theory, an in-house code to be developed, a commercial software package and experimental validation in a wind-tunnel.


Gemeinsam mit der Universität Miskolc, Lehrstuhl für Strömungs- und Wärmetechnische Maschinen (Prof. Szabo)


heat transfer, velocity measurement

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