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Data sciEnce and Computational mODEling Platform (DECODE Platform)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sanaz Mostaghim , Prof. Dr. Myra Spiliopoulou
Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy, M.Sc. Qihao Shan, M.Sc. Noor Jamaludeen, M.Sc. Clara Puga, M.Sc. Felix Kuhn
Land (Sachsen-Anhalt) ;
This platform is part of the projects funded by the ministry to prepare for the excellence initiative Cognitive Vitality.
The problems in cognitive vitality are so complex, that out-of-the-box Machine Learning (ML) and data science algorithms cannot be applied. Recent advances in data-driven learning, including methodologies of computational intelligence (CI), machine learning (ML) and data science, together with powerful computing resources have opened boundaries to solve real-world problems of complex systems. More than ever, we can unleash the potential of such methodologies for problems in various disciplines which had limited connection to computer science. The main goal of DECODE platform is to promote and disseminate cross-sectional research for Cognitive Vitality.

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