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Consistent data management for cloud gaming
MSc Ziqiang Diao
Land (Sachsen-Anhalt) ;
Cloud storage systems are able to meet the future requirements of the Internet by using non-relational database management systems (NoSQL DBMS). NoSQL system simplifies the relational database schema and the data model to improve system performances, such as system scalability and parallel processing. However, such properties of cloud storage systems limit the implementation of some Web applications like massively multi-player online games (MMOG). In the research described here, we want to expand existing cloud storage systems in order to meet requirements of MMOG. We propose to build up a transaction layer on the cloud storage layer to offer flexible ACID levels. As a goal the transaction processing should be offered to game developers as a service. Through the use of such an ACID level model both the availability of the existing system and the data consistency during the interactivity of multi-player can be converted according to specific requirements.


Cloud Gaming, Cloud storage system, transaction management
Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake

Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake

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