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C-arm imaging with few arbitrary projections
M.Sc. Fatima Saad
Within the scope of interventions - particularly in the field of orthopedics - CT scans often have to be performed to track and control the position of an instrument or changes of a patient's position, the latter being typically restricted to a feed of the instrument or a slight displacement of the person's body.

Given the medical relevance of only the change in position of the bone structures, necessary information might be captured by just a few suitable projections.
Moreover and additionally to a prior CT scan of the body, the exact geometry of the applied instrument is well-known and may be used as a priori information.

This sub-project aims at developing methods to embed a few, newly acquired projections (potentially generated via a limited angle range) into or to respectively complement a set of already existing ones in order to obtain a complete and high-quality reconstruction of the current scene. Furthermore, usage scenarios for a robot-assisted imaging system applied to centrally support the procedure are to be addressed. In doing so, the robot is supposed to automatically exchange its surgical tool for an X-ray detector, to acquire a few projections, and to subseqeuntly continue its surgical main task.

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