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Challenges for Europe: Summer Schools
Volkswagen Stiftung
The original call addressed the future of Europe and the changes the continent is undergoing. To contribute to the European Vision, the Volkswagen Foundation started the initiative "Challenges for Europe" in 2017. Its aim is to stimulate basic research on issues affecting Europe and the European Union. With the summer school program, the Foundations wants to enable research-based impulses for future cooperation within Europe and strengthen academic collaboration among European scholars, with a focus on Early Career Researchers.
Funding is available for summer schools that aim to equip selected young academics (particularly doctoral candidates but also post-doctoral researchers) with new insights and knowledge on the broad field of "Challenges for Europe". Participants from at least three different European countries should be involved.
Interdisciplinary approaches are appreciated. In order to ensure efficient working conditions, the number of participants should not exceed 60 persons, including the speakers; depending on the theme, a smaller number may sometimes be advisable. In line with the summer schools' focus on young scientists, the participants should significantly outnumber the lecturers. It has to be ensured that all participants are proactively involved in the event. Speakers should be available beyond their lectures for exchange and discussion with the participants. A summer school can last anything between four days and two weeks.
In order to promote the active participation of all participants and a comprehensive exchange of opinions, programs should contain varied and especially interactive event formats. There is to be a substantial share of doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers from German research institutions. The general idea is not only to extend the participants' knowledge, but also to enable them - at an early stage of their career - to develop and establish contacts beyond national borders and individual disciplines. Experts from other countries should also be invited to participate as speakers.
The main applicant has to be affiliated with a German university or research institution. The summer school itself can take place in Germany or in another European country. We are also open for applications that wish to establish new kinds of formats for a summer school.
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