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Thermo-mechanical behavior of polydisperse particle aggregates: a pore-scale modeling approach
Pham Thai Son, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Evangelos Tsotsas
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Discrete network models provide an efficient pore-scale approach to explore the role of individual transport phenomena in deformable particle aggregates made from particles with a multimodal size distribution. During drying, mass transfer (liquid flow and vapor diffusion) is obtained from pore-scale finite volume (PFV) model, whereas the mechanical response (cracks and shrinkage) of the solid to compressive capillary forces is computed by discrete element method (DEM). The DEM-PFV coupled model permits to study the influence of physical properties of liquid, mechanical properties of solid, and rate of drying on the degree of mechanical response.


capillary force, drying, mechanical effects, particle aggregate

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