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TALENT HRM Management
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Dittrich
The aim of the TALENT Erasmus+ project (2019-2021) is to establish a two-year master programme in HRM in six universities in Central Asia.

Coached by EU universities in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and Greece, two universities in Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan are developing an innovative academic environment to teach and study HRM insights and practices adapted to the needs and specificities of the socio-economic challenges the Central Asian region is confronted with. The first cohort of students is expected to start its education in September 2020.

Through its various objectives and activities, such as teacher trainings and seminars, the TALENT project intends to develop a network between universities and public and private actors allowing for a long-lasting exchange of expertise in HRM as well as to create the incentives for mobilities between the partner universities of students, teachers and researchers interested in HRM in Central Asia.

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