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PANAPI: Path Aware Networking Application Programming Interface Design and Implementation
The PANAPI (Path Aware Networking API) project will design a sophisticated host-based network-path selection engine on top of the SCION network architecture, and provide it as an open source implementation of the abstract next-generation transport service API currently being drafted in the IETF TAPS Working Group.

PANAPI will provide a powerful and extensible framework for automatic path property measurements, path quality evaluation, and optimized path selection, complete with automatic load balancing and failure recovery in a PAN environment, all hidden behind upcoming standard application-facing API abstractions.

Our work will empower a large community of developers interested in adding PAN support to their
applications. Incorporation of developer feedback, permissive open source licensing, close collaboration with PAN architects on the PANAPI implementation, and engagement with the IETF community about front end API compatibility and best practices are among our most important priorities.

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