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Modelling of micro- and nanostructures made of films and crystal/fiber arrays
M.Sc. Anna Girchenko
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
In recent years significant progress in synthesis of metamaterials with perspective and unusual functional properties is observed. The properties of these metamaterials are highly depend on their microstructure. In particular, the helical shell structures have found various applications, for example in MEMS/NEMS, optics and medicine. The interaction of the shell with the environment is highly important for engineering design, e.g in the medicine applications when the shell operates in fluid. The model of non-Newtonian fluid of pseudoplastic type is used. We examine the types of motion of the shell in laminar flows. The research is taken into account the piezoelectric properties of the helical shells. Principal task is the simulation of the shell kinematics in the some non-classical environment. The second part of the work consider nanocrystal/nanofiber arrays and apply the applications of the classical mechanics of fibre reinforced composites taking into account the morphology and electrical properties of nanocrystalls. In addition, for irregular structures the fractal analysis is applied. Unlike to the classical composites in this work also taking into account the interaction forces between the nanocrystals such as van-der-Waals forces, adhesion forces, etc. The interaction between first and second part of the research consist in the micro-macro interaction between shell and array of the shells.


Chiral symmetry, Coupled fluid/solid model, Metamaterials, Multi-Physics problem, Non-classical fluid, Piezoelectricity, Spiral nanofilms

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