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Modelling and Characterisation of Biomass Materials for Pneumatic Transport
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
The extensive range of stakeholders combined with the growing biofuels, bioenergy and biomass processing industries within Australia and worldwide presents an opportunity for innovation in applying dense phase pneumatic conveying for transportation of biomass. Unfortunately, there has been limited research directly investigating the potential for pneumatic conveying of compressible biomass feedstock and the effect of the associated compaction and dilation likely to be exhibited in dense flow performance. However, with the recent insights in understanding of dense phase flows, research is now able to apply this knowledge in investigating the potential of a biomass material for
low velocity, dense phase pneumatic conveying. The proposed research aims to provide the following advancements:
  1. Establish a fundamental understanding of biomass feedstock properties, focussing on the springy and interlocking biomass fibres (e.g. waste products like wheat straw and sugar cane bagasse, chipped woody products like granulated wattle),
  2. Investigate the unique handling properties of biomass with respect to compaction, dilation, shear and tensile response
  3. Define dense biomass air permeation characteristics,
  4. Integrate a current dense phase conveying model with biomass characterisation; and
  5. Validate this characterisation through use of novel and unique smart particle sensor based pneumatic conveying tests.

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