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Mobile Object Tracking Using Metaheuristics
M.Sc. Tarik Ljouad
This research project is a fund supporting a collaboration between the University Mohammed 5, Morocco and the Otto-Von-Guericke University, Germany. This cooperation is under the framework of a sandwich program, and the topic of the financed research is "Mobile object tracking using metaheuristics". After having successfully integrated the cuckoo search optimization algorithm, which is a recent and highly discussed metaheuristic, combined with the Kalman filter into the task of tracking a single object in a video sequence, we are now aiming for the integration of the modified cuckoo search algorithm in the tracking of multiple moving objects. This should lead to a robust tracker providing accurate real-time performances. The main aim of this research cooperation project is, on the one hand to build a connexion between the Moroccan and the German university, and on the other hand to develop the quality of Moroccan researches and connect the Moroccan research community with the international industry.


Motion Analysis., Object Tracking

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