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Medium Access Control Protocol for Industrial Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network
M.Sc. Saleem Raza
Industrial Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks (IWSANs) are becoming increasingly emerging to realize the Industry 4.0 - smart factory concept. Process automation and factory automation are two of the important applications of the smart industry. In this regard, the objectives in achieving reliability, low latency, and as well as energy efficiency through Medium Access Control (MAC) are extensively researched.
In this project, we exploit MAC layer to propose an adaptive MAC protocol based on time slotted structure and channel hopping for industrial control applications. The protocol targets to meet the traffic requirements of two states of the control system: transient and steady state.
We take into account dynamics of the process control system so that the the protocol is adaptive to varying states of the process controller and satisfy its upstream and downstream traffic flows.

Objectives and evaluation:

-Proposed an adaptive and deterministic MAC protocol.

-Evaluate the protocol through simulation for various performance metrics such reliability, latency, and energy efficiency.

-Evaluate the protocol on the MIoT testbed for the above mentioned performance metrics.


Industrial Wireless Sensor, Medium Access Control

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