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Jean Monnet Lehrstuhl: Interaktive Mehrebenendemokratie in Europa (IMUDE)
Jean Monnet Lehrstuhl: Interaktive Mehrebenendemokratie in Europa (IMUDE)
The Jean Monnet Chair in Interactive Multilevel Democracy in Europe takes a forward-looking approach to the timely issue of democratic participation in the EU system. In face of substantive democratic challenges on the EU- level and in the member states, the JMC contributes to the theoretical understanding, the work of policymakers, and the hands-on engagement of citizens. IMUDE promotes three key objectives. First, innovative teaching ap- proaches and IMUDE-related content enhance excellence, interdisciplinary and internationality in teaching. Meth- odologically, the JMC builds on the recent reforms of a BA and MA in European Studies and formulates concrete improvements to boost the quality and scope of the programmes; an additional vocational training module comple- ments the efforts. Second, research on the conditions for active citizenship in the EU boundary-crossing democracy will produce tangible research outputs on the guiding theme. Starting points are publications which form the scien- tific canvass on which to analyse recent democratisation and participatory initiatives, and to offer hands-on guid- ance for practitioners. Third, the JMC will develop formats for public debate to establish a regular interactive dia- logue between academia, policy-makers and citizens. The third-mission activities that open the university to a wider public are of extreme relevance in face of increasing anti-democratic and anti-EU voting behaviour. To guarantee a sustainable impact, the JMC a) builds on a firm background of prior work, b) formulates concrete projects that invest into people, structures and instruments, c) links the three focal points to mutually advance the underpinning key objectives. IMUDE as lead theme is therefore not only a topic that is taken up in teaching, re- search and outreach but the Jean Monnet Chair itself is dedicated to the ideal of a more interactive multilevel democratic approach.

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