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Intergroup Contact and Minority-Majority Relations within Organizations. Multiple Cases of Organizations in Germany
Gernot Bohmann
The scientific interest about reducing intergroup bias through intergroup contact has never stopped. However, globalization leads to a more international employee movements and may lead to more intergroup bias, despite intergroup contact attempts and diversity programs. Three papers are planned within the dissertation project to tackle the problems and extent the research around a contact threshold model, which was developed to come to a deeper understanding of intergroup contact. The first paper will provide a literature review about this aspect in the context of organizations. Furthermore, within the first paper, there will be the first case study about the organizational contact threshold, conducted in the organization type corporation in Germany. The second paper will be a second case study to come to a multiple case study approach. The case will be conducted in the organization type university in Germany. The participants for both case studies will be internationals, which are minority group members in their organizations. With the third paper, it is proposed to use grounded theory approach.

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