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Intelligente Einlegesohle für Interaktionsanwendungen
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In this project a novel interaction approach will be investigated, which enables the operation of software via simple foot-based gestures. This enables the user to operate the software by foot, but at the same time they can fully concentrate on the actual work process using their hands. In surgical applications in particular, this reduces the risk for the patient as the surgeon does not have to touch potentially unsterile input devices.

The project will be established as a joint project between Thorsis Technologies and the research campus STIMULATE of the Otto-von-Guericke University. The primary objective is to develop the necessary hardware and software components to provide functional verification in the context of surgical applications. A basic prerequisite for the acceptance of the insole as an interaction medium for a wide range of applications is the uncomplicated applicability and compatibility of the insole with standard footwear.


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