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Integrated control of thrips in vegetables in Eastern Africa - development of user-friendly ID tools
Gerald Moritz, Uta Gehlsen, Sevgan Subramanian
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Main goals:

1. Identity, importance and distribution of major plant infesting thrips studied in Kenya and Uganda.

2. Conduct surveys for thrips, natural enemies and TSWV in cultivated plants and surrounding vegetation in Eastern Africa.

3. Development of a thrips identification key using LucID 3.4 software.

4. Fact sheet fusion database with special reference to tospovirus vectors.

5. Finally production of a CDROM: Pest thrips of Africa.

(in collaboration with ICIPE/Nairobi)


Sponsered by BMZ/GTZ and ICIPE Nairobi/Kenya


Eastern Africa, ICIPE, LucID, Pest thrips, Western Flower Thrips

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