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Indoor Positioning with the Internet of Things
M.Sc. Ali Nikoukar
Reliable and real-time indoor positioning are required in the future generation of communications networks.  GPS cannot be deployed for indoor applications because line-of-sight transmission between receivers and satellites is not possible in an indoor environment. There are various obstacles such as walls, equipment influencing the propagation of electromagnetic waves, which lead to multi-path and path-loss effects. Some interference and noise sources from other wired and wireless networks degrade the accuracy of positioning. There are approaches that enable distance measurement and location by analyzing of specific physical characteristics of radio signals. It is important to have a mathematical model which models the behavior of the signal in deferent environments. The model also helps the developer to design realistic simulation tool.

Objectives of the project

- Implementation of positioning techniques in embedded hardware and simulation environment.

- Performance evaluation of real-time indoor positioning in MIoT-testbed

- Analyze the issues such as multi-path loss effect, obstacles, interference and time synchronization.


Internet of Things, indoor positioning

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