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HoloWFM - A Workflow Management System Front End designed for Augmented Reality
The objective of the HoloWFM research project is to conceptualise, design, develop and evaluate an innovative workflow management system front end that is designed for the use in augmented reality headsets.
Contemporary approaches for AR headsets neither deliver the same functionality as desktop-based workflow management system (WFMS) front ends nor offer compelling usability. This hinders the realization of well-known strengths of AR for WFMS. Especially in scenarios were users already utilize AR headsets for workflow support, the integration with workflow management is hindered. A seemless integration of AR and WFMS technologies could offer the best of both worlds: workflow support in AR, comprehensive workflow control and mangement functionalities, and high usability.
The research project HoloWFM aims at enabling exactly that: comprehensive workflow management and control as expected from modern workflow management system front ends, while ensuring a high level of usability.

The first contribution of the project was the development of a novel taxomy for AR systems supporting workflow execution. Based on a comprehensive review of over 140 state-of-the-art AR systems, a taxonomy with 14 dimensions and 81 characteristics was developed. The taxonomy was presented at the WI 2021 and published in the HMD.
To further deepen the understanding of the state-of-the-art, an exploratory cluster analysis was performed. Utilizing both quantitaive and qualitative approaches to develop a sound and meaningful clustering, three archetypes for Simple Head-mounted Displays, Advanced Head-mounted Displays and AR Installations were developed. A publication to a journal is currently under review.
The understanding of the state-of-the-art, thus, grounded, moderated focus groups and literature were utilized to develope first design artifacts: a tentative design theory and UI design. After positive evaluations, the the results were published at the ECIS 2022 and were named runner-up for the best paper award in the category research-in-progress papers.
The currently latest publication further closed the research gap by refining the design theory with design features. These served as a foundation to derive and develope a reference architecture. Following ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 for system architecture descriptions, intera alia 4 detailed UML diagrams and descriptions to guide developement of software implementations were developed. To validate the reference architecture, a first HoloWFM prototype wa instantiated. After positive evaluations with domain experts, these results were published at the ECIS 2023.


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