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Experimental and numerical optimization of a cross-flow tidal turbine
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hoerner , Dr.-Ing. Pierre-Luc Delafin, Dr.-Ing. Cyrille Bonamy
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
The project aims to explore the effect of variable pitch blades on vertical axis tidal turbines. At the
turbine scale, it appears interesting to consider a systematic optimization with the deployment of a
dedicated AI based optimizer, that takes into account the increase in the turbine hydrodynamic
efficiency as well as the energy cost of the actuation needed to pitch the blades. Most of the time,
only the increase in the hydrodynamic efficiency is considered. Also, when considering tidal farm
applications, it becomes necessary to understand the effect of variable pitch on the wake of the
turbine. The aim is then to optimize the pitching laws with regard to the efficiency of a single turbine
and the power density of the farm.
This project is the french part of the OPTIDE project.

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