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ESM - Advanced Earth System Modelling Capacity
Das Vorhaben widmet sich der Entwicklung einer Erdsystem-Modellierungs-Infrastruktur (Erdsystem-Simulator) mit Modulen für die verschiedenen Kompartimente des Erdsystems mit der Möglichkeit Modellierung gekoppelter Erdsystem-Prozesse.

Aus dem Antrag:
Here, it is proposed that the Helmholtz Association advances the field of Earth system modelling by developing a world-leading Earth system modelling infrastructure the Earth System Simulator. To this end, research will focus on enhancing the fidelity of critical Earth system compartments, where partners of the consortium have proven international expertise, on developing a modular and flexible Earth system coupling framework and on developing strong data assimilation and diagnostic capacities. These activities are flanked by a strategic process, which will be carried out with interested national and international key partners, and which will result in a long-term Earth system modelling strategy and an implementation plan for PoF-IV.
With the proposal Advanced Earth System Modelling Capacity the Research Field Earth and Environment in collaboration with the DLR, responds directly to a number of important recommendations that came out of the last review of the programme-oriented research (PoFIII), namely: Modelling capabilities should be strengthened, a clear modelling strategy should be developed, a long-term vision beyond 5 years for the re-search programmes should be established, and synthesis and integration of research must take on much greater importance in Helmholtz Association s strategy of Think Big, Act Big.


Erdsystem-Simulator, Modellierung

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