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EsCo: Establishing a collaborative relationship for research on school mathematics teaching with linguistically disadvantaged learners
Prof. Dr. Kirstin Erath , Prof. Dr. Jenni Ingram, Prof. Dr. Nuria Planas
Kyla Smith, Ashley Abbott
Stiftungen - Sonstige;
Learners of mathematics who are linguistically disadvantaged for a variety of reasons, including impoverished socioeconomic status, continue to be educationally disadvantaged and at considerable risk of school failure and early dropout. This is the case in many parts of the world, with dramatic implications in broader societal terms too. While much has been researched on linguistically disadvantaged groups of learners in the disciplinary fields of sociology and general pedagogy, little is known about the classroom teaching of subject content in language-responsive ways for all learners in school. In order to address this gap from the perspective of mathematics content teaching in the secondary school and the professional knowledge to be developed with mathematics teachers, the EsCo Project is aimed at designing and creating a strong collaborative research environment.


Gefördert durch den John Fell Fund (https://researchsupport.admin.ox.ac.uk/funding/internal/jff)

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