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Efficiency of QPT2 phytase on phosphor and calcium digestibility in lactating sows
Bulang Michael, M. Ahrens
Phytase produced with different micro-organisms is in use to improve the availability of phosphorus (P) contained as phytate in vegetable seeds, legumes and oil seed meals to non-ruminant farm animals.  Feed Industry have developed a new phytase product for which the efficacy needs to be studied. This is intended with the present experiments for lactating sows. Digestibility of P, determined at suboptimal dietary P level, is commonly accepted as the most suitable criterion to investigate the effect of supplementary phytase on P availability. Therefore, we used it in the present study. An experiment was made with lactating sows from April 1 to April 28, 2011. Measurements of digestibility were made in third week of lactation.


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