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Effective security warning approach for mobile devices regarding potential personal impacts of malware attacks
Jana Fruth
This thesis focuses on a specific human-machine-interface (HMI) scenario, where human users remotely control cyber-physical systems (CPS) with a mobile device. Examples are tablets or smartphones, which control entertainment systems in modern cars or navigate mobile robots in domestic or industrial areas. In this thesis malware attacks on mobile devices are in focus which potential affect interconnected CPS. This research focuses on two personal impacts on users of mobile devices: security (privacy) and safety (life and limb) impacts.

Classical approaches against malware are automated detection and reaction strategies, e.g. identifying and removing of malware from systems. This thesis introduces a warning approach as completion to classical approaches. It based on the idea of early introducing human users of mobile devices into the solution process to early protect users against personal security and safety impacts of malware attacks on mobile devices with potential effects on CPS.


mobile devices, security

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