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DNA Repair Activity in Human Lung Tissue as a Possible Marker for Individual Response to Tobacco Smoke Constituents
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Data from lung cancer epidemiology indicate that tumor development by tobacco smoke cannot be explained only by data on exposure (dose-effect relationship). Other cooperating factors which are pertinent to the individual must exist and are decisive. There is still a considerable lack of information on the mechanisms of toxicity by tobacco smoke constituents with respect to the importance of DNA repair in human lung. Tissue from morphologically normal regions can be sampled at lung resections, which mirrors the individual response to smoke exposure in the past. The material can be used to test the capability to cope with stressors in vitro (markers of harm).Human lung tissue can be brought into long term culture and can be studied in a dynamic test system instead of destructive sampling. These primary cultures of human lung cells are a more realistic model for the processes in human lung than immortalized cell lines, as they still reflect the inter-individual differences between donors. Possible differences in DNA repair activity (PARP assay) are one out of other important factors. We will acquire basic data on gene function and expression (DNA repair) in a dynamic human cell test system to derive possible of biomarkers of harm.


DNA repair activity, PARP activity, human lung tissue, poly(ADP-ribose)
Prof. Dr. Heidi Foth

Prof. Dr. Heidi Foth

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Medizinische Fakultät

Institut für Umwelttoxikologie

Franzosenweg 1a


Halle (Saale)

Tel.:+49 345 5574023


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