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Carbon Diplomacy: The Transnational Governance Of Climate Change
Alan Brouder
Traditional state-centric accounts of climate change governance fail to capture the dynamics that characterise international negotiations on climate change mitigation and adaptation. These accounts are largely based on rational choice models of conflict and cooperation in international relations, which assume that states are unitary actors, and that they act rationally in the pursuit of clearly-defined goals. Because of the nature of their assumptions, rational choice models tend to focus exclusively on the international legal process conducted under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This dissertation, by contrast, adopts a transnational relations approach, which argues that a wider interpretation of governance is required to understand the dynamics of climate change regulation. By defining the constitutive elements of climate change governance, the dissertation aims to highlight the complex web of relationships at national, international, and transnational levels that effect regulatory processes and outcomes, and emphasises the different but complementary roles that states and non-state actors play in climate change governance.


Global Governance, Klimawandel, Umweltvölkerrecht

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