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Bees in Europe and the Decline of Honeybee Colonies (BEE DOC)
EU - FP7;
fluvalinate) how interactions affect individual bees and colonies in different European areas. The BEE DOC will use transcriptome analyses to explore host-pathogen-pesticide interactions and identify novel genes for disease resistance. The BEE DOC will specifically address sublethal and chronic exposure to pesticides and screen how apicultural practices affect colony health. The BEE DOC will develop novel diagnostic screening methods and develop sustainable concepts for disease prevention using novel treatments and selection tools for resistant stock. The BEE DOC will be linked to various national and international ongoing European, North- and South-American colony health monitoring and research programs, which will not only ensure pan-European but also global visibility andthe transfer of results to apicultural practice in the world community ofbeekeepers.


Honeybee, colony decline, pathogens, pesticides

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